Sky Blu Talks Solo Career & LMFAO's Eventual Return: Video

Jatnna Nunez
Sky Blu visits the Billboard studio in NYC.

The party rocker loops us in on his recent musical activity.

Sky Blu officially made his solo debut earlier this year with "Salud," a bilingual party anthem that put a Latin spin on LMFAO's party rock formula. But the Sensato-assisted track actually dates back to 2011, and results from the idea from Sky's friend and manager, Reek Rude.

'"Salud' is definitely a record of celebration," says Sky Blu. It's for that moment with your friends where you're like, 'Tonight, we 'bout to do it. Or, tonight, we won the championship,' or 'We came in second, but next year we gon' win.'"

"Salud" is the lead single from "Rebel Music," an album Sky Blu gave away for free on his own web site,, on July 4. Though the release took on several meanings of the word "free," Sky Blu remains signed to label Interscope as part of LMFAO, and intends to reunite with his bandmate/uncle when the time is right. Redfoo, for his part, is readying his own solo album with a tentative title "I Look Good Naked!" for release in the near future, and a video for second single "Let's Get Ridiculous" dropped in mid-October.

"We've been together for a long time," Sky Blu says. "It's very important for the world to know us as individuals and then we can come back together comfortably. We made such an impact on the world and we're both such creative dudes, we really want the world to see us for who we are. And then when we come together, it's gonna be dynamite."

As for how "Rebel Music" got its title? "This is what people have called me my whole life, even on my report card -- rebel," Sky Blu says. "I've just been a free spirit. I feel these songs will really be the best transition for what's to come."