Midnight Red Puts 'Finishing Touches' on RedOne-Produced Debut Album

Fresh off the Backstreet Boys/NKOTB tour, the "All American Boy Band" looks ahead

When discussing Midnight Red, member Joey Diggs, Jr. describes the five-man ensemble as the "All American Boy Band." When you look at the geographic representation of the members, you understand his reasoning. "Thomas Augusto is from Texas, I'm from Los Angeles, Eric Secharia is also from California, Colton Rudloff is from Buffalo, and Anthony Ladao is from Seattle," he tells Billboard of their wide and varied upbringing. 

The group -- currently promoting their current single "Take Me Home," came together via a mixture of old-school connections and the viral age. 

"Eric and Anthony started the group. They called Thomas, because Eric knew him from a previous gig. They found me through a mutual producer, and Colton through YouTube. Well, actually, Eric's mom found him on YouTube. We called him over, and that completed Midnight Red right there," he said. 

Being so different from each other brings a lot to the musical table, says Diggs. "Having five different guys from different areas and backgrounds brings an eclectic sound to the group as you can hear. It helps us create a different sound than anyone else that is out there right now. We can pretty much do anything. There's something for everyone out there, sound-wise, personality-wise, even fashion-wise. It helps to bring us to a certain level, and it's done a lot for us in our journey."

That journey includes working with one of music's top producers in RedOne. "We can't believe we're working with him and 2101 Records, along with Capitol. RedOne is responsible for so many hits right now – Lady Gaga, Pitbull, just to name a few," he said, while allowing that theirs was an equally eclectic musical mix. "With Midnight Red, there's a little something for everybody. 'Take Me Home' is the lead single, but people can expect different funky sounds as well as some nice ballads. There's a whole array of music coming from us because we can do anything."

Augusto echoed Diggs' excitement level about the creative process with RedOne, praising the producer for his unassuming style. 

"It's so cool because with all the accolades he has under his belt, he is one of the most humble people you would ever meet. If you had just met him, and didn't know he was RedOne, you would have no idea about all the achievements that he has accomplished. It's so inspiring to work with him, because from day one, he took us under his wing and it's always just felt like family. He brings out the best in us as recording artists. He is such a musical genius, and it's so inspiring to watch him pick out harmonies, and work on production. It's so incredible," he says, while also admitting he also provides a sense of energy to the group. "We always joke that every time we're in the studio with him, we feel like saving the world because he's so positive. He's simply amazing."

Midnight Red recently completed a stint opening for the Backstreet Boys / NKOTB tour. Augusto says that one of the Backstreet Boys gave them some important advice. "On our first show with them at Vegas' Mandalay Bay, we sound checked, and we were so nervous. After we got done, Brian Littrell came to the dressing room and said 'It was in my heart to come and let you guys know that you need to always stick together as one unit, and don't let anything come between you guys. That will keep you strong and moving forward."

It's moments like those that keep the adrenaline flowing, says Augusto. "It's incredibly surreal, to be honest with you. I think that all of us feel like regular guys who are working hard. When we stop and breathe and take something like that in, you feel like a little kid again and that dream of being a big rock star." That dream continues to grow throughout the rest of the year, as they promote the single – and get ready for the early 2014 release of their first album.

"We're putting finishing touches on it, and we're super excited about it," he said. "Right now, our big focus is 'Take Me Home,' and promoting that. We want the whole world to hear that because we believe in it so strongly."