Jack Johnson, ‘From Here to Now to You’: Fall Music Preview 2013

Jack Johnson
Courtesy of Brushfire Records

Details on Johnson's September 2013 album, "From Here to Now to You."

Release Date: Sept. 17
Label: Brushfire

A week after he became a last--minute headliner at Bonnaroo, filling in for Mumford & Sons to a crowd of more than 10,000, Johnson played for about 150 people at New York’s Allen Room. The underplay was one of two ultra-intimate shows he booked to preview "From Here to Now to You," a largely acoustic set that the 38-year-old singer recorded primarily at his studio in Hawaii. “I was more nervous sitting on a stool by myself than I was at Bonnaroo,” Johnson says. The breezy album returns to the stripped-down sound of his early work, with “Ones and Zeros” and the Ben Harper-assisted “Change” among the standouts.

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