South Park's 15 Most Memorable Music Moments
South Park's 15 Most Memorable Music Moments

Lorde is the latest musical celebrity to make an “appearance” on South Park and both Billboard and the singer herself happen to think Trey Parker and Matt Stone nailed it. Mocking the Lorde birth certificate truthers with Stan’s dad moonlighting as a middle-aged, male version of the songstress? Perfect. To celebrate over a decade and a half of genius (and, well crudely-genius) intersections with our world, Billboard picked out the show's most memorable music moments, from gay fish denier Kanye West to Jennifer Lopez as a hand-puppet to Justin Bieber as "the enemy." Relive the musical mayhem below.

Watch Lorde Return to 'South Park' & See Her Reaction

The Cissy (2014)

In the third episode of Season 18, a subplot focuses on Stan Marsh's dad, Randy, who pretends to be Lorde in order to gain access to the women's bathroom at work (the week before week, he played the part at a party, looking to impress the kids). A fictional Spin reporter then arrives in South Park, looking to expose the very obvious truth -- that "Lorde" is really a 45-year old geologist with Auto-tune and a host of other laptop tricks on his side.

Radiohead Hates Scott Tenorman (2001)

Season 5 highlight "Scott Tenorman Must Die" may be best remembered for its hilariously disturbing final scene, but the episode also featured a rare TV cameo by Radiohead themselves, who stop by Colorado after receiving some fan mail from Cartman. Even those who don't appreciate alternative rock must have enjoyed Thom Yorke exclaiming, "This poor kid has cancer! In his ass!"

The Cure for Barbra Streisand (1998)

South Park has skewered its fair share of musical artists, but it's hard to imagine anyone getting it worse than Barbra Streisand, who literally tortures the boys with her singing voice before morphing into a robotic "Mecha-Streisand" that destroys South Park. Meanwhile, the same episode portraying Cure frontman Robert Smith (he provided his own voice for the episode) as a superhero, capable of defeating evil without losing his dejected coolness. Before he walks off into the sunset, Kyle yells, "Disintegration is the best album ever!"

Chef Aid (1998)

In this classic episode, Chef is outraged to find a new hit song from Alanis Morissette is a copy of one he wrote years ago. With Johnnie Cochran opposing him, a lawsuit backfires and he finds himself needing $2 million to avoid four years of incarceration. The boys around up a benefit fest featuring Ozzy Osbourne, Rancid, Joe Strummer, Primus, Ween, Elton John, Meat Loaf, Rick James, DMX, and Devo to help their friend. Even though the proceeds fall short, Cochran is so moved that he switches sides and Chef finally gets credit for the song.

Timmy 2000 (2000)

Timmy and his ubiquitous catchphrase come to town and soon all the South Park children are prescribed Ritalin just like the new student. Numbed by the medication, everyone is lulled into liking a visiting Phil Collins, who breaks up Timmy’s band and headlines South Park’s Lalapalalapaza himself. But once the Ritalin is out of everyone’s systems, the tables turn on Collins, and Parker and Stone get their metaphoric revenge on the Tarzan soundtrack singer for beating them to a 1999 Academy Award.