Cody Simpson, 'Pretty Brown Eyes' Alternate Video: Exclusive Premiere

This summer, Cody Simpson will return with the follow-up to his 2012 debut "Paradise," and the July release on Atlantic Records will be led by the happy-go-lucky single "Pretty Brown Eyes." Although the 16-year-old released an official music video for the song last month, that clip only featured one Cody Simpson -- this alternate video, dubbed the "MPC Version," has two of them tackling the summer anthem. Watch the new video exclusively on above.

The stripped-down video came together when Simpson was in the studio working on his next album with his manager, Matt Graham. "I was working on a song and I got a bit of writer's block," says Simpson. "I saw the MPC [music production controller] in the studio and commented about how not that many producers still use them."

After 15 minutes, Simpson had cracked the MPC's code, and started messing around with "Pretty Brown Eyes" on the production machine. "After I figured it out, I turned to my videographer, Florent Dechard, who was in the studio documenting the day, and asked if he could film me recording the MPC and playing my guitar and sync them," says Simpson. "Being the genius he is, he told me that he could do it easily."

Cody Simpson Talks New Album, 'Fun' New Single 'Pretty Brown Eyes'

Thus, the MPC Version of "Pretty Brown Eyes" was born, with two Cody Simpsons complementing one another while rollicking through the new single. And what would Simpson do if he actually was cloned? "Probably send one of my selves to the studio to handle my recording, so that my other self could go surfing with my mates," Simpson says.

Simpson recently performed a medley of "Pretty Brown Eyes" and "Awake All Night" at the Radio Disney Music Awards, and will hit the road later this month on the Paradise Tour, which kicks off on May 30 in Jacksonville, Fla. Check out the official music video for "Pretty Brown Eyes" below, and tell us which version you like better in the comments section.