Taylor Swift in New York August 2014

Taylor Swift Aiming For No. 1 On Hot 100 With 'Shake It Off'

Expect a major "shake"-up atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart next week, as Taylor Swift appears headed for a No. 1 debut with her new single, "Shake It Off." Based on expected massive first-week sales, airplay and streaming, the song looks likely to open atop the ranking.
Pop Art by Robert Christgau: Get On Up

Robert Christgau on 'Get On Up': Putting James Browns' Music First

In his 2006 Rolling Stone profile "Being James Brown," the great lost rock critic Jonathan Lethem made sense of the Hardest Working Man in Show Business, the Minister of Super Heavy Funk, the Augusta Akhenaten, and all the other honorifics Mr. Brown has and will earn by declaring him a time traveler. Hence, 1958's "Night Train" and 1965's "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" and 1967's "Cold Sweat" all prefigured the super heavy funk that would take over black popular music in the early '70s‑-whereupon Brown elected to prefigure gangsta rap with 1973's "The Payback." Hence also his decision to re-record 1971's "Soul Power" in 2005, all the while exclaiming that he wanted to kiss himself as if the possibility had never before occurred to him.
Ariana Grande in "Sam & Cat"

A Critical Evaluation of Ariana Grande's Acting

Ariana is much more likely to appeal to 20-and-30-somethings than your average Nickelodeon-bred pop star, but unless they already have kids themselves, a lot of those older fans were likely introduced to her through her music, and were thoroughly unfamiliar with her TV work. At some point, us older fans new to the Ariana bandwagon have to get a little curious: What was she like on TV? Was she any good? Were her shows any good?
Christina Aguilera’s Top 20 Billboard Hits

Christina Aguilera’s Top 20 Billboard Hits

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of 'Christina Aguilera,' check out her 20 biggest Billboard hits, and get a full glimpse at how wide-ranging her career has been to this point.
Ariana Grande, Billboard 2014.

Ariana Grande Knows How Frankie Can Win 'Big Brother'

If you follow Ariana Grande on Twitter, you know she is fully immersed in the game of "Big Brother" and fiercely backing up big bro Frankie to win it all. When Billboard sat down with Ariana Grande on Tuesday -- as she promoted the Aug. 25 release of her sophomore album, My Everything -- she was more than ready to talk about "BB," even offering up advice for how her brother can take home the half-million.