2016: The Year in Charts

Watch: G-Eazy on 'Bugging Out' Over His Success and His 'Nuts' Upcoming Tour at iHeartRadio Fest

G-Eazy named his debut album These Things Happen and these days that really is the case for the 25-year-old Oakland rapper. And he confessed to Billboard backstage at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival that "the high school me is bugging out right now."

In fact, the appearance at the Sin City festival caps off a busy summer for G-Eazy, whose debut album landed at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart back in June. It's an accomplishment he still calls "a hell of a moment."  

"Not even just saying this because I'm here talking to you guys, but I swear the craziest moment was that week reading the charts and just seeing the top popular 200 and I'm right there at No. 3, and seeing my face on Billboard like that," he shared.

And his success made him get the assurance that he was on the right path. "I think any creative in the world seeks some kind of validation for their work," he explained. "Some validity of like 'Okay, I'm not crazy, this is kind of for real now. I wasn't just a psycho all these years making this music at home and investing everything in it...' So, that made it real, that moment when the first week numbers came in and it was the #3 album in the country."

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So, how did he celebrate? "I think just like threw my computer in the air and ran around the house like a little kid and jumped up and down. I don't know. It's a hell of a moment. I probably drank some whiskey and celebrated."

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Next up, G-Eazy will hit the road with "the big homie" E-40. It kicks off on Oct. 21 in Sacramento.

"This tour is going to be nuts," he teased. "It's just like a a big taking the Bay around the world and bringing our sound and our culture and our energy in front of everybody else and saying 'We're here'."