Electric Daisy Carnival 2012: 18 Things Seen & Heard
Electric Daisy Carnival 2012: 18 Things Seen & Heard

13. Despite his collaborations with Cypress Hill, U.K. veteran Rusko didn't hit the hip-hop too hard on Saturday night, dropping the evil-clown dubstep for which he's best known (we've taken to calling it "Scooby Doo-step"). But little did he know, even as he rocked a growing crowd at the Bass Pod stage, a storm was a-comin'…






Porter Robinson

14. It was the kind of wind that kicks up everything, making the natural dust bowl of the Raceway even more blinding and choking. It was the kind of wind that fills up your mouth and your nose and makes it hard to breathe, let alone keep walking forward. You know that scene in "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas" when Johnny Depp is at the motorcycle race in the desert with a bandana over his mouth and his hand clapped over his beer mug? It was like that. So it was not surprising when at around 12:45 a.m. Sunday morning, the music was shut off - a jarring experience across such a loud and large area - and announcements at every stage informed the crowd that EDC was temporarily closing due to the wind, at the direction of the fire marshal. Attendees were told to make their way to the stands, out of the way of the large freestanding stage structures and rides. The crowd obliged slowly, and at one point started chanting "Refund!" But with the specter of last year's fatal Indiana State Fair stage collapse looming large, it was undoubtedly the right decision. The winds never waned, and the festival ending up closing for the night around 2 a.m., sending nearly 100,000 attendees to the shuttle and cab lines. Those who were 21+ headed directly to the nightclubs of the Vegas Strip.

15. Russian star Arty opened up Kinetic Fields to a slew of decked-out ravers anxious to get their party on after Saturday night's unfortunate debacle with Mother Nature. The baby-faced 22-year-old packed as many hits as possible into his set, ending with the new Tiësto/Showtek collaboration "Hell Yeah," a track which he later told us was a test run. Judging by the reaction of the roaring crowd, it worked well.

16. David Guetta never ceases to appease his fans and silence the haters with his powerful electro-laced sets, and EDC embraced him with open arms as he opened with smash collaborations with Sia, "Titanium" and "Wild Ones." Just before his set, David spoke highly of EDC, calling it "one of the most important sets for me every year."

17. It wasn't clear if he ate time from Guetta or Armin van Buuren or some aggregate of all, but wind-spurned Saturday headliner Avicii got his EDC moment on Sunday night, playing a squeezed-in 30-minute set that ended with -- wait for it -- "Levels."

18. Electro-house wunderkind Porter Robinson played what was arguably the biggest set of his career thus far at Kinetic Fields at the stroke of 3 a.m. Robinson left no one doubting why he is at the top of the electro game, seamlessly interweaving tracks and samples in a way that pleased every kind of listener in the crowd. He closed with a moving version of current melodic hit "Language," followed by a maniacal two-minute remix of crowd favorite "Say My Name." There is no longer any doubt: This guy is the real deal.

Additional reporting by Josh Bennett, LessThan3.com .