Dawes, 'How Far We've Come': Live Acoustic at Lollapalooza

Dawes performs an acoustic set backstage at the Billboard Tent at Lollapalooza 2012, Day 1 in Chicago.

There's nothing ironic about the embracing sound of Dawes, a California quartet that proudly wears their influences (The Band, Jackson Browne) on their rolled-up musical sleeves. The group's latest album, "Nothing Is Wrong," is lush with homespun anthems, soulful arrangements and harmonies that brothers Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith pull off effortlessly.

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While in Chicago to play Lollapalooza this weekend, the Goldsmith boys -- plus keyboardist Tay Strathairn -- graced Billboard's red couch to perform one of their more endearing tracks, "How Far We've Come." Live on stage, the song explodes into one of the band's finer singalongs, but here it's transformed into a gentle duet about "looking back." (Watch Above)

Released last June, "Nothing Is Wrong" peaked at No. 18 on the Rock Albums chart. It's the followup to their 2009 debut, "North Hills."

Unlike other bands, who are lured to change their sound from album to album, Taylor Goldsmith tells Billboard that a third release by the band will still sound like Dawes.

"Some bands will throw an insane curveball and their audience may feel abandoned in some cases," he says. "But for us, these songs I've written so far are very much where Dawes is at. No one would hear it and say this isn't the same band. It's definitely coming from that same place."

Dawes is currently on tour with Mumford & Sons. Check out dates here and watch their interview with us below. ( Click here for more Lollapalooza fun, including a breakdown of the best performances and behind-the-scenes action.)