Kid Sister Gets "More Than" Extreme
Kid Sister Mashup Mondays still Hanon Rosenthal / Matt Campbell

Hip-hop engenue Kid Sister may have been brought into the spotlight a few years ago as a protege of Kanye West, but the singer and rapper was, uh, more than game to put her voice -- a capella -- to "More Than Words" the early 90s smash by hard rockers Extreme.

Kid Sister's Take On "More Than Words"

A ten year old in Chicago when Boston's Extreme took their most famous song all the way to the top of the Hot 100 in June of 1991, Kid Sister brings serious harmonies and rhythms to her version of the song. But she isn't shy about having fun with the track too, jokingly enunciating the bridge just like the original before breaking out into a giggle and kidding about how fine Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt was back in the day.

"From the chord progressions to just the sentimental value, I love power ballads... [so] kill me," she laughs, explaining why she chose to cover "More Than Words."

Extreme's original version of "More Than Words"

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