Hooray For Earth Turns On Kanye West's 'All Of The Lights'

Mashup Mondays: Hooray for Earth

"It sounds like a bunch of people went in and flipped out for a week, and then they just printed it. That's what we do so much of the time," Hooray For Earth frontman Noel Heroux says of Kanye West's latest album, "A Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy." With an assist from the ladies of Zambri (covering Rihanna's vocal line), Hooray For Earth took on West's "All Of The Lights," infusing an irresistibly eerie feeling into the regal rap track.

Photos: Hooray For Earth's Mashup Behind-The-Scenes

hooray for earth
Hooray For Earth at Billboard

The NYC-based electronic rockers may have slowed down and fuzzed-out "All Of The Lights" for their Mashup session, but there are certainly undeniable similarities. "The track also, just coincidentally, has the same exact beat as one of the tracks from our EP [released] last year," Heroux says.

"So he totally plagiarized our beat and you both do other-the-top production," fellow bandmate Chris Principe jokes.

The experimental quartet is gearing up for the June 7 release of its first full-length album, "True Loves," on Dovecote Records, as well as tour dates alongside Architecture in Helsinki. "I always want to play the new thing -- I'm always trying to get the old thing out the backdoor," Heroux says.

The album's first single (of the same name) has been garnering attention in recent weeks, fueled by its sci-fi video, which can only be described as epic and surreal. Or as Principe describes the "True Loves" clip: "A weird alien journey -- a story of dreams."

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