Vanessa Carlton Explores Mumford & Sons' "Cave"

Vanessa Carlton covers Mumford & Sons at Billboard Studios.

Vanessa Carlton puts her keyboard where Mumford & Sons' banjo goes as she explores their tune "Caves" in this week's installment of Mashup Mondays.

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Vanessa Carlton AT BILLBOARD
Vanessa Carlton at Billboard

"I like the Mumford and Sons song because it's very simple and lovely and almost like a little bit of a nursery rhyme," singer/songwriter/pianist Carlton says of why she chose to cover the UK band's song. "It says a lot about life."

Though she usually works in the a soft poppy vein while Mumford hits the sweet spot of modern rootsy folk/rock, both artists have chart success. Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" scored the No. 1 spot on Pop Songs in 2002, while Mumford's 2010 song "The Cave" earned the No. 2 spot on Rock Songs.

Carlton is busy doing more than mashups these days. The 30-year-old Pennsylvannia native's brand new album, "Rabbits On The Run" is out July 26.

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