Ashlyne Huff Covers Paramore's 'Exception'

Ashlyne Huff Covers Paramore's 'Exception'

Singer Ashlyne Huff may be much more used to choreography and dance pop, but the newcomer shows off her a strong acoustic side as she covers Paramore's "The Only Exception" in this week's Mashup Mondays installment.

Ashlyne Huff at Billboard

"Hayley [Williams'] voice is really interesting to me because it's soft and then really powerful," Huff says of what drew her to the tune from Paramore's 2009 album "Brand New Eyes," which reached No. 1 on the Alternative Albums chart. "I love the fact that [her voice] is really vulnerable and then it hits you in the face all of the sudden, mid-song."

While they are both twentysomething female singers from the south, Huff and Williams come from very different musical worlds. Huff, the daughter of Nashville producer/guitarist Dann Huff, spent a lot of time growing up right inside the Country music scene there and turned her talents to dance-friendly pop. Williams, meanwhile, almost literally grew up in the spotlight after forming pop-punk band Paramore at age 15 with Tennessee high school friends in 2004.

While Paramore has been a musical force for the past six years, Huff is just beginning to see her name on the charts. After touring with Jordin Sparks and New Kids On The Block/Backsteet Boys, Huff released her debut album, "Let It Out" this June and it immediately hit the Heatseekers chart. Hear more from Huff in the videos below.

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