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Five Artists to Watch at LAMC 2016: Sexy Zebras, iLe & More

Charco Musica
Sexy Zebras

A new wave of Latin indie sounds will invade New York this week during the 2016 Latin Alternative Music Conference from July 6-9. This year's lineup includes an array of sounds, including electro soul, punk, rock, funk and pop, that will satisfy music enthusiasts at one of NYC's hottest summer event.

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If you're not sure which artist to check out during the fest, here are five up-and-coming artists to watch at this year's LAMC:

Sexy Zebras

The Spanish rock band won't disappoint with their mean punk tracks that talk about social injustice. The trio's latest, "Hijo de Puta," featuring Molotov's Randy, criticizes political figures, including Donald Trump. They perform Wednesday night (July 6) at NYC's Highline Ballroom.


​Another Spanish band is pop-rock band Izal. Although the indie group has performed in more than 20 music festivals around the world, it is their first time bringing their showcase to the U.S. Their setlist includes tracks like "Pequeña gran revolución," "Copacabana," and "El baile." They perform Wednesday night at the Highline Ballroom. 


Ileana Cabra, who goes by stage name iLe, will perform songs from her debut album iLevitable. The crowd will be in for a treat when they hear iLe's, Calle 13's Visitante and Residente's younger sister, powerful and mature vocals singing bolero ballad style tunes with a twist of Latin funk. iLe performs Thursday at S.O.B.'s as part of LAMC's Indie Showcase.

Santi Mostaffa

​If you're a fan of hip-hop artists like Ana Tijoux and Orishas, you'll probably want to check out Uruguay's next big thing: Santi Mosaffa. The MC, whose music has been featured on shows like Fear The Walking Dead, Graceland and ESPN, will make his U.S. debut at LAMC. Santi will show off his rapping skills on Friday at S.O.B.'s.

Las Robertas

The ​Costa Rican trio is ready to turn heads at LAMC with their psych-pop tunes. The indie band will make a stop at LAMC during a full-length tour in the U.S. in anticipation of their third album to release later this year. They perform Wednesday night at Sunnyvale in Brooklyn.