Billboard Latin Music Conference: 7 Best Quotes From the Urban Panel

Nicole Pereira Photography 
Juan, Ken-Y, Zion y Lennox, Rocio, Reykon, Saga WhiteBlack, Randy Martinez and Alexander Delgado on stage during the Urban Panel at the 2016 Billboard Latin Music Conference in Miami on April 26, 2016.

The urban panel went down during the Billboard Latin Music Conference on Tuesday, April 26 reuniting some of the biggest urban superstars including Juan Magán, Ken-Y, Zion Y Lennox, Reykon, Saga WhiteBlack and Gente de Zona

Moderated by Rocío Guerrero, head of Content Programming & Editorial - Latin Globally, Spotify, conversation topics included the importance of collaborations with urban artists and musicians of other genres, how music streaming and social media has helped their careers and the lack of women in the genre. 

Here are the seven best quotes from the urban panel: 

Reykon: "Urban/reggaeton music has evolved in a way the are a bit more cautious with our lyrics. We don't want a parent to be in the car with their kid and have to lower down the volume to the music because of something bad in the lyrics. We need to understand the kids from the age of three are listening to our songs and I always keep that in mind while writing."

Alexander (Gente de Zona): "People in Cuba didn't accept urban music when I started my career. They used to say that what we sang or did wasn't music. So what I did was maintain urban/reggaeton as a base but include rhythms from my country like guaracha so our people could identify with it." 

Juan Magán: "Urban music can incorporate and absorb so many rhythms, that's why collaborations are so easy. You can put merengue or salsa in there and it works. In other genres, it doesn't work like that, unfortunately ... It's collaborations that make this genre work."

Reykon: "I think artists from other genres are understanding what is happening in urban music. A good example is Enrique Iglesias who wanted to jump on the ship. We welcome everyone to join and collaborate." 

Zion (Zion y Lennox): "Music streaming services, like Spotify, have really helped us out a lot by reaching new audiences. Latin music is really at its best moment and we have such loyal consumers who are always there and aware what is going on with our music." 

Juan Magán: "Urban music will always be relevant and can never have an end. There are millions of fusions you can do in this genre. Latin urban music is the new pop." 

Alexander (Gente de Zona): "I think women have shied away from this genre because they consider the music a bit machista ... but we need that female representation."

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