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Gerardo Ortiz's Controversial 'Fuiste Mia' Music Video Removed From YouTube

Courtesy of Vevo
A still from Gerardo Ortiz's 2016 "Fuiste Mía" music video.

Following the controversy over Gerardo Ortiz's "Fuiste Mía" music video -- which was accused of promoting and inciting violence against women -- the clip has been removed from YouTube and Vevo. 

Just last week, a "content warning" message appeared at the beginning of the video cautioning viewers of its violent nature. It seems that the modification wasn't enough since the music clip is no longer available on the platform.

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It is unclear whether Ortiz's team decided to take down the video or if it was YouTube that made the decision following an online petition with more that 6,000 signatures that asked for its removal. Billboard reached out to Ortiz's rep for comment regarding the removal of the video and did not hear back at press time.

During a press conference held by Ortiz last week, the Mexican regional singer defended his "Fuiste Mía" video, in which he throws his girlfriend in the trunk of his car and sets the car on fire after finding her with another man. Ortiz reiterated that it was pure fiction, comparing it to content seen in movies and TV shows.

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"No one in this video is really dead. This is all fiction. I wanted to be the actor in this video. Gerardo Ortiz the singer has nothing to do with the actor you see in the video," he explained, adding that he had not been contacted from YouTube about taking the clip down at that point.

Despite the controversy surrounding the 26-year old singer, "Fuiste Mía" re-entered the Hot Latin Songs chart at No. 21 (on the April 16-dated chart) thanks to an increase in streams -- 87 percent of which were YouTube views.