Juanes Talks Upcoming 'Loco De Amor' Album: Exclusive Video Q&A


Colombian rocker Juanes has long said that his albums are personal manifestations of what's going in his life at the moment they are conceived. So, when he announced his upcoming studio album — due March 11 — would be titled "Loco de Amor" (Crazy From Love), we were intrigued. We met up with him in Miami, in between his rehearsals with his band for upcoming live shows.

 "I believe love is the most powerful energy we have in this life," Juanes told Billboard. "Everything is about love. In this album in particular I wanted to write songs like putting a ray of love through a prism. So, its all the different approaches love has in relationships."

Beyond the love and good vibes, "Loco de Amor" sounds impressive. Produced by Steve Lillywhite (U2, The Killers) and with the collaboration of Emmanuel del Real of Café Tacuba, the album is a departure for Juanes in that it leaves aside his traditional electric guitar in favor of just acoustic guitars and other instruments, like the Colombia’s traditional tiple.

In Juanes' own words, all about being crazy over love.