Gerardo Ortiz's New Video Meshes Love, Animation

Gerardo Ortiz

Alvaro Robles

Regional Mexican singer Gerardo Ortiz, who at 24 is one of most successful entertainers of his genre, is giving his fans a special Halloween treat with the release of a new music video that takes a much more romantic approach in contrast to his narco-inspired compositions.

The Vevo debut of "Mañana Voy a Conquistarla," or "Tomorrow I'll Make Her Mine," is already receiving traction online as the ballad introduces Ortiz as the leading romantic lead along with Mexican actress  Thali Garcia, who plays his love interest in the animated video. The song is from the award-winning album El Primer Ministro (The Prime Minister).

Directed by filmmaker Danny Hastings, who has also photographed many album covers including one for Wu-Tang Clan's "Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)," spent months collaborating with Ortiz in order to achieve the video's look.

"I wasn't looking for a conventional animation, or 3D," Hastings says, who has also worked with hitmakers Don Omar and Prince Royce. "I wanted to have an organic feel to the video, almost like a papier-mâché style with stop motion type of animation."

The idea, Hastings says, was to mix the live performance with animated components of the video that would pay homage to Ortiz's fans. The video takes place on a picturesque farm.

Animation in regional Mexican music videos is not common, Hastings concedes, but taking this approach hints at why Ortiz has become a major player in the music business thanks to his unorthodox way of making music by keeping to tradition and adding modern twists as well. Ortiz recently received 14 nods in 13 categories at the Billboard Mexican Music Awards. 

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Ortiz' overall sales, according to Nielsen SoundScan, are approaching 400,000. "Mañana Voy a Conquistarla" entered the charts on Aug. 17 and, at No. 38, is still climbing. This week it hopped 20-19 on Hot Latin Songs. This week the song also climbed 12-11 on Regional Mexican Airplay and reached No. 21 on Latin Airplay on Oct. 19. The track reached No. 3 on Regional Mexican Digital Songs. 

Sony's senior marketing manager Jennifer Bull, says that "Mañana Voy a Conquistarla" is also the kind of song that was created with Ortiz's young fans in mind (many of them are teens). For Hastings, it speaks to Ortiz' willingness to keep an open mind when creating music.

"Collaborating with someone like Gerardo is ideal because he can see the big picture early in the process," Hastings says. "He also knows what he wants and takes an active role in making sure his vision becomes a reality."