Sistar Returns for Summer With Seductive Dance Track 'I Like That'

Courtesy Photo
Sistar in the video for "I Like That."

Like clockwork, Sistar is back with their seasonal banger.

The quartet returned on Tuesday (June 21) with “I Like That,” their first song of 2016 and the latest in a bevy of addictive summer releases by the group over the past six years. Turning away from the more upbeat sound they’ve recently favored, Sistar heats things up on this electro-brass track that is their most impassioned song yet.

K-Pop Rookie Groups Return for Summer

While darker than other recent hits, “I Like That” takes Sistar out of the cheerful pop sound they’ve become pidgenholed in following hits like “Shake It” last year and “Touch My Body” the year before that. (The latter got a shout out on Family Guy earlier this year.) Not any less catchy, “I Like That” is a sassy return to their sultry sound last seen in 2013’s “Give It To Me”.

Never ones to shy away from the sax and synths, “I Like That” turns away from bubblegum with a steady bassline and guitar riffs that steadily build. The song’s alternating tempo draws on Sistar’s dual image as one of K-pop's sexiest and most playful groups: the mournful solos and back-and-forth belts counter the hook-filled chorus and clapping chant.

The title and lyrics seem to refer to a woman liking someone who can’t stay loyal to her, and the accompanying retro-tinged music video perfects the group’s ability to match their style with their performances as they sing about the mixed emotions. The sets and cinematography are ethereal and dramatic while the four women are portrayed as vulnerable and empowered. Their dance is Sistar’s most powerful in years, with the finale featuring the scorned women throwing in the towel (or gauze) and abandoning the relationship.

“I Like That” was released on June 21 and appears on the group’s fourth EP, Insane Love. Also featured is “Say I Love You,” the first song composed entirely by member Hyolyn for a Sistar album.