GOT7 Takes K-Pop to Riskier Heights in 'Fly' Video

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GOT7 “Fly”

Since bouncing onto the K-pop scene in 2014, GOT7 has captivated listeners with their retro-pop style. The upbeat sound kept the boy band grounded for a period of their career before they started experimenting with darker dance-pop sounds at the end of last year. "Fly," the uptempo track they released on Monday, is a spastic display of GOT7's artistry that combines their quirkiness with an age-appropriate mellowness.

GOT7 has flourished with colorful hits like "Just Right" and "Stop Stop It," but transitioned into a new era with the emotion-baring "If You Do" late last year. "Fly" lands softly between the two styles and is one of GOT7's most innovative singles to date. As a dreamy, uplifting song with fascinatingly inconsistent pacing, "Fly" offers a mature, even-tempered side to GOT7 while still maintaining their distinctive sound.

With sudden tempo changes and drops, "Fly" simulates a turbulent ride that keeps building before coming to rest safely on the ground. The song switches things up for the group and is GOT7's first single to highlight their rappers, resulting in a melodic trap-lite track that incorporates hip-hop and EDM elements.

Eschewing the vibrancy of GOT7's other songs, "Fly" takes the group's tempo down a notch, straight into the realm of R&B, before speeding things up. But what could be jarring comes off as experimental, with the song thriving on nuances like the subtle vocal blending slipped in between the rap and electronic distortion.

The accompanying music video takes the title literally; it features avian-inspired choreography and members of the septet flying straight out of the gloom of daily life, taking flight with superhero-like powers.

"Fly" is the title track of GOT7's latest EP, Flight Log: Departure, released on Monday. Several members of GOT7, as well as a member of little brother group DAY6, had a role in creating the album, which has since became one of the most downloaded albums on iTunes in the United States, a feat few K-pop acts have accomplished. The group's popularity comes ahead of GOT7's upcoming Fly In USA tour, which will take the group to five cities throughout the country.