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Block B Are Carnival Creeps in 'Jackpot' Video: Watch

Block B, "Jackpot" MV

Enter the K-pop boy band's colorful world where edible scorpions and clown masks are paired with slick choreography

Independent K-pop boy band Block B shows no sign of simmering their wild side with an ambitious new single, "Jackpot."

Like their last single, K-Pop Hot 100 Top 10 hit "Very Good," Block B delivers another in-your-face dance/hip-hop combo. Impressively, it throws together a hodgepodge of instruments like marimbas, pianos and brassy horns with gunshots, snaps and school-children chanting. And while certain K-pop acts have proven that schizophrenic productions can create incredible pop treats (e.g. Girls' Generation's "I Got a Boy," B.A.P's "Hurricane"), the different sections of "Jackpot" feel disjointed and lack a cohesive, sonic flow until the final, smoothed-out chorus. That's not to say that each portion is inadequate -- the super-smooth chorus and uber-catchy chant-hook will easily get lodged in fans' brains -- but it doesn't seamlessly transition into one another as nicely as a well-crafted track should.

"Jackpot" also has an over-the-top visual packed with dark-yet-comedic imagery and loads of scenes to show off the band's silly side. The video kicks off with the guys donning frightening clown masks in a display window and spooking a girl who becomes the band's love interest. When she faints from terror, Block B bring her to their colorful, carnival world where member Zico turns her into his puppet, Kyung throws knives at at her and U-Kown gives her a crazy haircut. While there's a lot of crazy to take in, "Jackpot" does a nice job of balancing the absurd (like, P.O eating a scorpion) with impressive choreography and slick moves.

It's another video that further distinguishes Block B as a male act who's not afraid to play around with their image and even look a little off-putting -- like when the female lead flips off the guys, a rather scandalous move in K-pop vids -- for the sake of a good visual. 

Block B recently announced three U.S. concert dates, hitting the New York, Florida and Washington D.C. areas this June. Get the show dates and more info here.