TVXQ! Talks Overcoming Biases, Feeling 'Grateful and Sorry' Backstage at 'Music Core': Exclusive Interview


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Billboard spent the day with the male duo while it promoted its jazzy new single "Something."

Hours after juggling multiple tasks, feasting on delivery food, monitoring other artists' performances and retouching makeup/hair, the boys are ushered back to the stage, where they are announced as the winner (against Ailee's "Singing Got Better" and Girl's Day's "Something") of the week. With a dazzling encore performance, the duo successfully ends its long day at MBC. 

During its 10-year career, TVXQ! set new standards for both commercial and artistic success in the world of K-pop, but the duo doesn't think it's reached the pinnacle of its career and expresses its zeal to achieve higher goals.

"We've done a lot of large-scale concerts and even had the privilege to perform at Japan's Nissan Stadium last year. I want TVXQ! to continue to perform on many different stages and venues in front of a dynamic crowd. I want us to keep pushing our sonic boundaries, experimenting with new genres/concepts and keep growing as an artist, so that way we can be a group that is loved by all types music fans and ultimately become one of the longest-running live performers," Yunho says.

Changmin expresses similar ambitions. "I want to be able to do what I do for a long time. The Korean music industry believes idol groups don't have a long-lasting career span. I would like for us to overcome those biases and limitations. I want TVXQ! to be a group that works hard to consistently release new materials. It is my wish and dream to become a group that is loved and supported, while making and sharing memories for many years to come."

Happy 10th Anniversary, TVXQ! 10 Shining Moments in the K-Pop Icons' Career

When asked what their favorite moments of past ten years, both Yunho and Changmin choose their anniversary concert, which was held on the date of their 10-year anniversary (Dec. 26, 2013) as part of SM's week-long concert extravaganza "SMTOWN WEEK LIVE" that featured labelmates Super Junior, Girls' Generation, f(x) and EXO.

"It was extremely cold that day, but it felt warm and special because it was our 10-year anniversary," Changmin says of the concert that sold to thousands. "The fact that we were able to perform and spend time with our fans that have supported us through 10 years was very humbling and heartwarming. It was a very fun, meaningful time for us and I think it will clearly remain in my memory forever."

Yunho adds, "We performed a lot of our old hits, including our debut track, 'Hug,' and even wore high school uniforms like we did 10 years ago. It was a bit embarrassing [laughs] but it was a great reminder of our fans' unconditional love and how much we matured and evolved as TVXQ!." 

TVXQ!'s decade-anniversary mark and triumphant return onto the K-pop scene confirm its unceasing popularity and power as today's most renowned K-pop artist. Even with its impressive track record of milestone accomplishments, record sales, chart prominence and big pay checks, TVXQ! doesn’t seem to take its overwhelming success for granted as it continues to reinvent itself and its craft.

The boys aren't slowing down anytime soon and K-pop fans can look forward to TVXQ!'s many, exciting promotions to come. 

Billboard's celebration of TVXQ!'s 10-year anniversary continues with a video interview coming soon to K-Town. Check out TVXQ's 10 biggest career moments, a track-by-track review of new album "Tense" or go back in time with our video interview from the duo's Los Angeles concert from July.