TVXQ! Talks Overcoming Biases, Feeling 'Grateful and Sorry' Backstage at 'Music Core': Exclusive Interview


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Billboard spent the day with the male duo while it promoted its jazzy new single "Something."

To highlight the success of TVXQ!'s newest album "Tense" and its shining decade in the industry, Billboard was exclusively invited into the green room of MBC's K-pop music chart program "Music Core" to take a look at what a day in the life of K-pop royalty is like. The duo also discusses its most memorable moment of the past 10 years, new goals and current perspective.

Early Saturday morning (Jan. 18), Yunho and Changmin -- aka TVXQ! -- are crammed in MBC's green room along with their 20-member entourage. While their dancers and stylists are sprawled out and catching up on sleep, the boys have no time to take a break. Their grueling schedule, which started at 6:30 a.m., is packed with rehearsals, hours of prepping, signing CDs, greeting and taking pictures with fellow K-pop artists, filming behind-the-scenes clips for social media and websites for their record label, SM Entertainment, along with short interviews, which they carry out with boundless energy and without a single word or sign of complaint.

Despite their superstar status, the boys are grounded, diligent and driven, but with a loose demeanor and relaxed confidence like true K-pop veterans. They don't have fussy or high-maintenance demands and spend most of their waiting time in comfortable clothing -- goofing around and playing games with their staff members. 

At 11:30 a.m., after an hour delay, it's finally TVXQ!'s turn to film its performance of new single "Something." The duo -- in slick white suits -- emerges onstage as the previous performer Rain steps down (giving Yunho a quick handshake) and a hysterical outbreak of TVXQ! uproars with hundreds of screaming fans, creating an ocean of glowing red lights -- the color that signifies TVXQ!'s official fan club, Cassiopeia. Before the shoot, Yunho quickly thanks fans for supporting them by coming out to see their one-song performance and kindly asks fans to applaud the producers and camera crew for their hard work.

"Although I don’t get to do it as much as I'd like to, I try to thank our fans and converse with them [during music program shoots] because they have to wait for hours in the cold to see us during the short performance," Yunho later explains. "I feel like that's the least I can do. I am grateful and sorry at the same time."

The music for the jazz-pop single "Something" begins and TVXQ!, along with its 10 backup dancers, immediately transforms into full-fledged performers, showcasing the highly technical "line" choreography, for which it uses ropes to illustrate various scenarios like playing the guitar and pretending to be string puppets or marionettes.

"Something," at No. 7 on this week's K-Pop Hot 100, shifted the group away from its signature sound, resulting in a promising display of creative growth as well as a new platform to express its playful stage personas, which was rarely exposed in previous promotions. 

Yunho and Changmin pull off each vibrant-yet-demanding performance with ease, while younger generation K-pop stars watch and study their predecessors' every move from the side of the stage with utmost admiration.

"It’s an honor and personally satisfying to know that some artists have built their dream of becoming K-pop stars by watching us," Changmin says. "With that in mind, we feel the sense of duty and responsibility to flourish as artists without becoming lazy or arrogant. It's a major driving force."

After few takes, the filming is over and the two -- drenched in sweat -- head back to their green room, where they patiently wait for the announcement of the No. 1 song of the week.

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