K-Pop Hot 100: Lee Hi 3-Peats at No. 1, Son Dam Bi Channels Lady Gaga
K-Pop Hot 100: Lee Hi 3-Peats at No. 1, Son Dam Bi Channels Lady Gaga

Sprightly new rookie act Lee Hi has snatched up the No. 1 spot for a second consecutive week (the first female debut act to do so) and continues to shine with her power hit "1,2,3,4," holding down Ailee's efforts to snag her first topper. Lee Hi has captivated fans with her deep, mature vocals which juxtapose with her doll-like, babyface features. The video has racked up more than 1.5 million views since Billboard's chart report last week.

Highly-skilled vocal group Noel, who previously topped the K-Pop Hot 100 with "I Miss You," released its fourth LP titled, "Time For Love," on Nov. 6 in commemoration of their tenth anniversary. The title track "Things I Couldn't Say" skyrocketed to the No. 5 spot from No. 39 last week. "Things That I Couldn't Say" is a classic tearjerker with piano melodies and agonizing vocals aurally illustrating the agony of a breakup. Regarding their latest hit the group stated, "There is a certain trend and style to Korean ballad tracks, but we wanted to hold on to our musical colors regardless of what the latest trend was, which is why [we think] the song is doing so well." The song was composed by Choi Kyu Sung, a producer the group has steadily worked with for years.

The three-member group Monday Kiz captures the second-biggest leap of the week with their newest track "Probability," despite the song being prohibited on certain terrestrial TV programs. The No. 18 song was produced by the leader of the group Lee Jin Sung. "Probability" is a sophisticated extension to their signature balladry with impressive guitar work; the lack of other instrumental sounds emphasizes the group's voices with the lyrics reading like a letter.

Adorable female act Girl's Day made a recent comeback with new single "Don't Forget Me." This is their first single without member Jihae, who left the group last month. Now, only two original members of Girl's Day remain with two leaving in 2010 being replaced by current members Yura and Hye-ri. "Don't Forget Me" is a slick piece of electro-pop with an addicting English hook. The video shows the foursome playing up their young image as school girls contemplating on a love they never told their true feelings. Even down a member, the girls have proven their changeability. The track is at No. 38 (after reaching No. 15) in its third week on the chart.

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