When the group eventually rests from their intesive performance, they'll soon move into more promotions -- both as a group and in units – including a new material for the Japanese market, from Orange Caramel and possibly more from After School.

Given their history, fans should expect the unexpected. 2011 saw After School splitting into two separate units to promote two different singles as After School Red and After School Blue. The group is considering more of these unique ways to promote.

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"We are thinking about solo/unit activities so we can emphasize each and every member’s unique charm and qualities," powerhouse vocalist Raina explained. She mentioned she wanted to perform a duet with fellow powerful vocalist Jungah while their multi-instrumentalist member E-Young would like to try a band sub-unit with three or four members.

While other popular K-pop groups have made their way to the U.S. or Europe. After School, curiously, never has. "We don’t have concrete plans, but I think the opportunity may come if we gain more fans in the States or Europe," Jungah sums up. "We want to meet a lot of people and show our performances to them. We will go see you guys if the opportunity comes."

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