10 Reasons to Get Excited About K-Pop in May

Psy, Lee Hyori, B.A.P., Secret

6. PSY Begins Promoting "Gentleman" Overseas

K-pop's king already performed his new single in front of 50,000 fans in native South Korea and now it is time for him to bring "Gentleman," and its new dance, overseas. The promo PSY lands may be a major factor as to whether "Gentleman" can be an equally iconic single as "Gangnam Style." Who could forget classic moments like PSY teaching Ellen DeGeneres and Britney Spears the horsey dance, his SNL skit or closing the American Music Awards with MC Hammer? Promotion past YouTube will be important for PSY to land another longstanding hit.

7. After School’s Special Performance Stages

Popular girl group After School has teased their upcoming comeback for a few months now with all signs pointing toward a May release. With the little info fans have gotten, there has been confirmation the girls are working on a special stage. This is undoubtedly something to look forward as this is the girl group who have brought out a cane dance routine in 2012 (below), tap dance in 2011 and drum line in 2010. What will they pull out for 2013? 

8. B.A.P Spreads K-Pop in U.S.

Rising boy band B.A.P isn't the first K-pop act to tour the U.S., but they are one of the few to hit places other than New York and Los Angeles. While major K-pop live shows like KCON 2012, SMTown Live, BIGBANG and 2NE1 all took place in the surrounding NY and LA areas, B.A.P is hitting San Francisco and Washington D.C. much to the delight of K-pop fans elsewhere. The group's theater tour marks a major move for a longer tour past one-off shows and could act as a template to make K-pop tours in the U.S. viable options for Korean entertainment companies.

9. SECRET Makes Full-Fledged Comeback

After returning after almost a year away from the K-pop market, SECRET was met with much love when they returned with their old school-inspired R&B/pop sound on "Poison" in September. It was another K-Pop Hot 100 hit for the girls and they hoped to continue their success with winter single "Talk That" a melancholy-soaked, electro-tinged mid-tempo. The single rose to the Top 10, but promotions were spoiled when the group was in a van accident on December 10. All activities were on hiatus until late December with member Zinger needing additional hospital care. Now, refreshed and healthy, SECRET will have their full lineup for their just-premiered single "YooHoo." The song has a fun summer vibe and could be a huge hit in their four-year discography.

10. B1A4 Gets Major Soundtrack Single Before Comeback

Rising male idol group B1A4 is getting a major TV boost before they release their comeback track "What's Going On?" May 6. Popular reality show “We Got Married,” that features K-pop stars experiencing what it would be like to be married, returns with a “global” season that will have its episodes air in countries around the world including major markets like Japan and Australia. B1A4 landed a soundtrack contribution with the easy, breezy “Sunshine” track. With the popularity of “We Got Married” along with their rising star, which included hits on both the K-Pop and Japan Hot 100 charts, the boys have the potential for a major-sized hit.

Who are you looking forward to most in K-pop this May?

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