Will a K-Pop Girl Group Take Over the U.S. Soon (Or Ever)?

In the past five years, South Korea has looked to its girl groups to be the ones to break America's pop scene. A Korean group still hasn't penetrated the scene despite fanbases that rival One Direction, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.
Ahn So Jin

K-Pop Trainee & 'Kara Project' Contestant Ahn So Jin Dead at 22

Prominent K-pop hopeful and reality-show contest Ahn So Jin died on Feb. 24. The singer was found unconscious near her apartment garden in South Korea's Daedeok District -- reportedly from jumping to her death from the 10th floor, though the death has not been confirmed a suicide. She died after being transported to a nearby hospital. So Jin was 22.

Rainbow Attempt to Turn 'Black Swan' Into a Sultry Disco Track

After nearly two years away from the K-pop scene, Rainbow returned with an unexpectedly dark and sultry concept for new single "Black Swan" with lyrics and a concept based loosely around the film starring Natalie Portman.