2016: The Year in Charts

Set the Roof on Fire with These Turn Up-Ready Lyrics From Rae Sremmurd's 'SremmLife 2'

Diwang Valdez
Rae Sremmurd photographed in 2016.

Mississippi hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd rolled out the sequel to January 2015's SremmLife with the ear-grabbing set SremmLife 2, released via Ear Drummer Records/Interscope Records on Aug. 12. Like the first go-round, there is no shortage on party jams, like "Set The Roof," featuring Lil Jon, and the opener "Start The Party."

With summer '16 still in full effect, real-life bros Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi turned every situation into a turn-up on SL2. Here are their most celebratory lyrics.

Turn Up to Rae Sremmurd's Partystarting Album 'SremmLife 2'

"Start The Party" 

"I told my n----s I'ma pull up to the party/ Give me 20 minutes/ Show up in some leather pants/ With some bitches you ain't even know existed" -- Swae Lee

"Real Chill"

"Spittin' game to that girl and her friend/ I got dressed, left the crib, set the trend" -- Swae Lee

"By Chance"

"I'm thumbin' through the cash, damn my pockets got a leech/ You tryna roll with me, you gotta be a 10 at least/ Mona Lisa with a Visa vibin' to the beat/ No she not a keeper, she just my little freak" -- Slim Jxmmi

"Look Alive"

"Kill this cup, not my vibe/ Be the highlight of my night" -- Swae Lee

"Black Beatles"

"I’m a f---in black Beatle, cream seats in the Regal/ Rockin' John Lennon lenses like to see ‘em spread eagle/ Took a bitch to the club and let her party on the table" -- Swae Lee

"Set The Roof"

"We set the roof on fire, then we flood it out/ We just threw the money up, we ain't even count" -- Swae Lee

"Came a Long Way"

"All the young n---as what I represent/ Pockets on swole cause I stay committed/ Let my top down when I'm in the city/ It's a celebration when I'm in the city" -- Slim Jxmmi

"Over Here"

"Hakuna matata, I came in with my partners/ Hakuna matata, I'ma red carpet walker/ 50 bad bitches drinkin' vodka like it's water" -- Slim Jxmmi