Money Makin' Nique Drops Off New 'Realest Sh-t' Video: Premiere

Courtesy Photo
Money Makin Nique in the video for "Realest Shit."

Atlanta rapper Money Makin' Nique is not one to fit the mold; despite his Southern roots, Nique doesn't subscribe to the trap-rap aesthetic that is so closely associated with the A. Maybe that's why he flows so expertly and confidently over the beat for his track "The Realest Shit," originally produced by The Alchemist for Mobb Deep's 1999 cut "The Realest" which featured Kool G Rap, the video for which Billboard premieres below.

The video, directed by Terrius Mykel, seems straightforward until the very end, when its subtle storyline comes to the forefront as Nique contemplatively smokes a cigar -- a calling card of sorts for the rising MC. "I just wanted to tell a story that teaches a very common lesson," he tells Billboard about the concept of the video. "Be wary of who's around you, be aware of your surroundings. I personally stress that to my friends and family."

In addition to Nique's head-nodding verses, his good friend Dawanna offers a soaring vocal to cement the track. "I got her ALL over this new project," he says. "She's not classically trained or anything. She just knows how to sing really, really well, for no reason."

That project he's talking about is his upcoming album Bring Money Witchu, which is on the horizon but does not yet have a release date. For "The Realest Shit," Nique says he wanted to showcase "the range of music I reference," likening the subtle detailing to a Tarantino film. "This is barely scratching the surface," he says. "Everything is soulful and cohesive."

For Bring Money Witchu, which he's made a point of spending an extended period of time crafting, Nique is looking to push himself creatively. "I was nervous building this project because I had to learn simplicity," he says. "Simplicity is a skill just like complexity is. I got out my comfort zone. And then again, I just want people to notice the detail. I went back and forth with this project so much. I got like six different track lists. It has to flow."

Check the new video from Money Makin' Nique above.