Watch Action Bronson Teach Seth Meyers to Cook Octopus

Lloyd Bishop/NBC
Action Bronson during a cooking segment with host Seth Meyers on Late Night With Seth Meyers on April 11, 2016.

Action Bronson appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers for a brief cooking lesson. 

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The New York City rapper prepared some octopus. “One of my favorites in the world. I only became acquainted with the octopus recently,” Bronson told Meyers. “I didn’t eat seafood growing up for some reason I was scared of it. But now that I’ve traveled and I’m seeing these things and I’m diving with them and swimming together with these things.”

Bronson explained how he used to be a chef around the city and talked about his new project with Viceland, a food series called F---, That’s Delicious, which airs Thursday nights. While on Late Night, Bronson also hyped his forthcoming mixtape Blue Chips 7000

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Watch the cooking segment with Action Bronson below.