Watch Cam'ron Become Santa Claus on 'The Nightly Show'

Angela Pham/
Cam'ron performs at "DO NOT DISTURB", a collaboration between W Hotels and Boiler Room in New York City.

Cam'ron put his own spin on the man in the big red suit during a visit to The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore -- as the show's office Santa, he doled out a lot more real talk than he did presents.

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During Cam's second appearance on the show (his first sketch was as a less-than-sympathetic HR rep), he heard the holiday wishes of the show's writers, and proceeded to tell them why the things they had wished for just...probably weren't going to happen. Instead, he offered useful gifts like bootleg DVDs (for a fee), a therapist's number, and some festive greens (those were really just for himself).

Watch the full sketch below: