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Jackson Death Homocide, Weezer and Arctic Monkeys' New Albums, Bob Dylan and GPS Systems

In this Monday's edition of Daily Noise, brought to you by Fuse and Billboard, the Associated Press is reporting the Los Angeles county coroner has ruled Micheal Jackson's death a homicide. The finding makes it more likely criminal charges will be filed against Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor who was with the pop star when he died. Dr. Conrad is the target of a manslaughter probe headed by Los Angeles police.

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo caught up with Billboard to discuss "Raditude," the next album from the band due out on October 27th. As for the album's title, Cuomo got the idea from a new friend, Rainn Wilson from the television series "The Office." "He has a super-rock persona," Cuomo told Billboard. "When it came time to find a title for the Weezer album, I asked him what he thought the ultimate album title would be and he said 'Raditude.'"

Bob Dylan used his Theme Time Radio Hour show on the BBC to share with fans he had offers to voice GPS systems. "I'm talking to a couple of car companies," said Bob. "I think it'd be good if you were looking for directions and hear my voice say something like, 'left at the next street. No, a right. You know what? Just go straight.'"

The Arctic Monkeys' first two albums generated headlininig status in the UK and underground respect stateside. Today, they drop their third, "Humbug." The album received production help from Queen of the Stone Age's Joshua Homme.