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Dustin Lynch Steams Things Up on 'Seein' Red'

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Dustin Lynch

Dustin Lynch's best songs are buoyed by nifty vocal tricks. In "Waiting," from his first album, listeners were sucked in by the enjambment in the middle of the hook – the end of one line turns out to be the start of another, pulling you forward. On "Where It's At," a crossover-ready single, Lynch employed a ruthlessly addictive hiccup: "yep yep."

Dustin Lynch Links Third Straight Country Airplay No. 1 With 'Mind Reader'

Lynch's latest effort, "Seein' Red," doesn't have the same embellishments. In chorus and color preference, it evokes the last Taylor Swift album; the blocky disco beat suggests tour partner Luke Bryan's "Kill The Lights." "Seein' Red" was written by Tully Kennedy, Kurt Allison, Steve Bogard and Jason Sever. Bogard and Sever also penned "After Party" on Lynch's last album and "Sittin' Pretty" from his first full-length.

Listen to the new single below.