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Billboard Guest Playlist: Nadastrom

Jason Barbagelott

Moombahton architects share forthcoming full-length debut's influences.

Few artists can lay claim to creating a genre, but that's exactly what Dave Nada did while trying to save face at a 2009 basement party whose reggaeton soundtrack was at odds with his sound. By slowing down Afrojack's remix of Silvio Ecomo & Chuckie's "Moombah" from 130 to 108 beats per minute, the Washington, D.C., native not only won over the crowd, but he gave birth to the moombahton genre that helped elevate his Nadastrom project with Matt Nordstrom to international attention.

But don't expect to hear much traditional moombahton when Nadastrom release their eponymous debut albumon Feb. 23. Dreamy and house-influenced, the 12-track outing represents a significant shift in the duo's maturing sound. Nadastrom checked in with Billboard from Los Angeles to provide a diverse guest playlist of tunes that helped inspire their full-length effort.

J Dilla - "Nothing Like This"

"Nothing beats a great loop (even in reverse!). You can listen on repeat and it never gets old, especially when there's a heartfelt message attached to it like in 'Nothing Like This.' Also, sonically, I love how the kick knocks in a way where you can physically feel it more than you can hear it. Typical Dilla, which continues to be a huge inspiration to us."

Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X - "The Perfect Blues" (Jacques Greene remix)

"It's all about the atmosphere and pacing in this track. JBIII has so much room to breathe and flex. The progression of the music and the power of Jesse's voice complement each other so well. That's something we really wanted to focused on and accomplish in our album."

Talk Talk – "The Rainbow"

"My wife played this for me when I came home from a weekend of gigs and I sat there and listened to it repeatedly. The pacing and dynamics immediately drew me in. It's one of those songs where you pick up on little nuances every time you listen."

Rhythm & Sound ft. Shalom - "We Been Trodden"

"I was introduced to them a few years ago ... I love how the noise is as much a part of the songs as any other instrument.  Sonically it just sounds incredible ... Warm and atmospheric with huge bottom end."

Benji B

"OK, this isn't really a song but Switch turned us on to his show a while back and I started listening heavily. He has impeccable taste and is great both on the air and in the club. I think my favorite shows are when he dedicates an entire episode to a specific label or artist like the late Frankie Knuckles or Masters at Work. Highly educational."