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Aphex Twin Releases New Material, Shares Thoughts on Today's EDM Scene

Martyn Goodacre/Getty Images
Aphex Twin photographed in 1996. 

Just a few months after surprising the world with his first studio album in more than a decade, Aphex Twin has slipped a trove of new material online.

In addition to sharing several new songs/snippets -- some of which were created with his wife -- Richard D. James shared Syro demos and a few live performances.

Even more surprising is the rare, extensive Aphex Twin interview accompanying this new material. James spoke with Dave Noyze for his blog, talking about how Syro came together and what he thinks of the modern EDM scene.

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"Mine and my family's privacy is very important to me and deciding to thwart myself into the mainstream was not an easy decision," James said. "I'm not doing it for the money, I've already got enough for us to live on for a bit, I just wanted to put music out there in the mainstream which has been made for the right reasons. Because it's definitely in short fucking supply!

James went out of his way to explain he's not dismissing all EDM. "The same doesn't go for underground electronic music which in my opinion has been at an all time high for years now. There's sooo much good stuff coming out now it's totally inspiring and an amazing time to be listening to stuff."

Check out his unreleased material below.