Kill the Noise & Feed Me Share ‘Far Away’ Collab: Exclusive Listen

Kill the Noise and Feed Me know how to press each other’s buttons. They should do; the electronic music producers have been making tunes together for close to a decade. 

Kill the Noise (aka Jake Stanczak) and Feed Me (aka Jon Gooch) have written under various guises and labels, and “we probably always will,” Stanczak tells The partnership unleashed the thumping track "Thumbs Up (For Rock N' Roll)" in 2012. And they’re back at it with the uplifting club number “Far Away,” released through Slow Roast/Sotto Voce. The cornerstone of the song is an unusual chorus sung by a choir of British schoolchildren. But don't for a moment imagine this is an EDM-reworking of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall". exclusively premieres the track below.

“Far Away,” Stanczak tells, was an idea the collaborators started about 18 months ago at British-born Gooch’s studio. “We both really wanted to try to do something together that was melodic and had some kind of unique vocal. When we work together we try to do something that people might not anticipate from a Feed Me & KTN collab. Since we've done so many now it's getting harder and harder to come up with ideas that aren't obvious. We love the challenge of that though.” 

As far as challenges go, Stanczak admits this one is at the top of the tree. But it’s also been one of the most rewarding. “There have been many points throughout the process where I've stopped and thought to myself, 'this is what it's all about'."

"'Far Away' represents taking a musical storybook concept as far as Jake & I could, into a total world of its own," adds Gooch. "It's an adventure, an audiovisual journey, and laced with a little irony."

Kill the Noise is currently on the road. He'll play Sapphire in Kelowna, Canada tonight, and Flames in Calgary on Friday night. U.S. dates will follow.