CODE First Play: Freeform Five featuring Roisin Murphy, 'Leviathan'

Freeform Five & Roisin Murphy

In the world of dance music, there are two kinds of people: those who understand the gravitational force of singer and DJ Róisín Murphy, and those who have yet to find out. Freeform Five’s Anu Pillai falls in the former category and thus is releasing his collaboration with the former Moloko fontwoman later this month. Listen to the exclusive premiere of “Leviathan” from Freeform Five featuring Róisín Murphy here:

While sometimes enigmatic about her work, Murphy is very clear about the source of inspiration for the title and lyrics of this track.

“Leviathan is mentioned in Daniel Robinson's ‘Great Ideas of Philosophy,’ an audio recording of several lectures,” Murphy explains. “In that context, I took the word to mean the overarching system of ideas, morals, rules of governance and the constraints and freedoms of any society at any giving time in history.  The vast machine that is built with the sole intention of keeping us from anarchy and to halt the break down of said societies' version of humanity.”

“It's a rallying call for individuality, both lyrically and musically,” adds Pillai. “Something I think we are going to see a lot more of in music in 2014.”

“The word itself sounds vast and imposing,” Murphy continues. “When I looked it up I found it actually means 'whale' or just 'monster of the sea' as mentioned in the Bible and ‘Moby Dick.’”

“This song asks us as individuals and as a group to take Leviathan in our own hands and make sure we play a part in the evolution of the system that governs us and the creation of the fabric of our existence.”

Murphy and Pillai first worked together nearly four years ago after Pillai learned Murphy was playing a remix of her song, “Movie Star,” by another group of his, Kid Gloves (known for releases on Fool’s Gold and production for Lana Del Rey, Little Boots and Ladyhawke). While Murphy has been playing versions of “Leviathan” in her DJ sets, it never got a proper release, adding to a sort of fan mythology around the track, one that is only enhanced by the missive Murphy attaches to it now.

“Not only does Róisín have one of the best voices in British pop music, but she also has a unique vision and aesthetic that informs everything she does,” says Pillai.

“Leviathan” is available February 10 through Eskimo Recordings.