CODE Picks of the Week: Steve Aoki & R3hab, Tensnake & Nile Rodgers and More

Steve Aoki for Neff

Steve Aoki & R3hab, “Flight” [Dim Mak]

Were there ever a tune designed for peak hour play it is this. Visualize Aoki’s hair flying through crowd on a champagne-soaked raft and R3hab’s feet soaring above the decks in a high kick. That’s what “Flight” was made for.

Tensnake featuring Nile Rodgers and Fiora, “Love Sublime” [Virgin/Astralwerks]

Sir Nile continues his dance music revival on this midtempo ‘90s-inspired spaceage disco jam. If the carefully wielded power of the chorus doesn’t hook you, the harmonies will.

Wiley, “Fuck It” [Big Dada/A-List]

Few rappers can keep their acerbic spit and wit 10 years into the game like Wiley has, let alone drop it on a grime track that ensnares with its simplicity and power.

Chris Lake featuring Jareth, “Helium” [Ultra]

The base track could stand alone with its looping guitar melody. The highflying chorus lifts an EDM instrumental into epic/anthem/crossover territory without betrayng its club cred.

Avan Lava, “So F*kt Up” (Young Diamond remix)

Young Diamond adds some lean-back-swag to this crooner about intoxication up in da club, highlighting the falsetto sweetness of the original while taking it down to the floor.