Arty, 'Flashback' Video: Watch First Here


The Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock and we thank them for it. But Arty, the Anjunabeats trance wunderkind, has his eyes on the moon, or at least his alter-ego does in the new video for his track “Flashback.” Watch the exclusive CODE premiere here:

In some ways, “Flashback” plays as a score to a short film, rather than as a featured song in a music video. That’s not to diminish the song’s power, in fact as Arty himself explains, it’s designed for a major peak-hour wallop.

“’Flashback’ is definitely big room-oriented,” he says. “Every track should sound great on big sound system and in headphones at the same time, but the best place to really feel ‘Flashback’ is on a dance floor.”

Or perhaps while fending off an alien attack in space?

The quasi-stop-motion cartoon animation of the video matches both the beauty and the haunting vibes of the “Flashback’s” melody, recalling Cold War space race-era animation like the work of Yuriy Norshteyn (look it up, it’s worth it) or the artwork of William Kentridge. Those connections play up the track’s retro musical elements while still flashing forward into outer space – a source of inspiration for the producer himself.

“Dreaming about space, stars and other universes was big part of my childhood and still a big part of my life right now,” says Arty. “It's amazing to dream about something like that, where your dreams can go really far away.”

And as for the possibility of UFOs, “I'm pretty sure we are not the only ones in the universe!” he says.

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