CODE’s EDM Soundtrack to 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire'

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Hunger Games

Welcome to PanEDM. No disrespect to Alexandra Patsavas and her original soundtrack for “Catching Fire” (we still can’t get enough of Sia’s “Elastic Heart”), but we thought this installment of “The Hunger Games” deserved an alternate EDM soundtrack as well. Check out our selection of Katniss-worthy tunes below, some new and some classic. There’s even a little Sia in there for good measure. And sorry, we’re not sorry if there’s a tiny spoiler or two! May the beats be ever in your favor.

'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Character Playlists: New Songs For Katniss

Calvin Harris & Alesso feat. Theo Hurts: “Under Control”

“Freedom is a lonely road,” croons Theo Hurts on this all-star collab. Truer words couldn’t be said of District 12’s two victors at the start of “Catching Fire.” But as Hurts is “waiting for the fire to light,” so is all of Panem, while Katniss and Peeta learn the cost of their victory and that the world they knew is far from “under control.”

Headhunterz & Krewella: “United Kids of the World”

On their Victory Tour, Katniss and Peeta get a glimpse of the civil unrest rumbling throughout Panem and the uprising that’s about to come. This song is about an uprising against bullying and tyrants, standing up for yourself, each other, and what is right -- not too dissimilar to what happens in Panem. And while “United” is still not officially released, all the #KrewLife-rs and #Headz already know this tune. It’s sort of their own secret code - just like the people in the Districts have the mockingjay call. This one’s for you, Gale, along with every potential tribute past, present and future.

Don Diablo feat. Alex Clare & Kelis: “Give It All”

For those who haven’t read the books (but seriously, go read the books), it’s not too much of a spoiler to say that Katniss has one goal in this Quarter Quell Hunger Games: keeping Peeta alive. Naturally, Peeta’s goal is to do the same for Katniss. Training together to outwit the Gamemakers, this song is Katniss and Peeta’s warm-up music. They’re going to “give it all, live fast, die young.” At least, that’s the plan.

Ellie Goulding: “Burn” (Tiësto remix)


Like Ellie, Katniss is also “burning one hell of a something.” That’s never more clear than when the new tributes are presented by the ever-colorful Caesar Flickerman and Katniss once again claims the title of Girl On Fire. But this song is just for the TV show, kids, because behind Tiësto’s bright synth stabs and Ellie’s angel voice is a plot to… well… “let it burn, burn, burn.”

Lady Gaga: “Applause” (Purity Ring remix)

This one goes out to Cinna. As a citizen of The Capital, he’s a performer in the daily show of cosmetics and fashion that stands in such contrast to threadbare District 12. But just as Purity Ring upsets the dancefloor thrust of Gaga’s original with their demonic, deconstructed remix, Cinna finds his own subversive ways of upending the performance--not just in the Games, but in all of Panem.  

Mark Knight & Funkagenda: “Man with the Red Face” (Hardwell remix)

It’s likely that Mark Knight and Adam “Funkagenda” Walder didn’t have President Snow in mind when they made this track in 2008. Reeking with the stench of blood and roses, Snow is literally a red-faced man. Hardwell’s remix can withstand the force of hatred we have for this evil dictator.

Avicii vs Nicky Romero: “I Could Be The One”

The emotional thread of "The Hunger Games" is ultimately the story of Katniss Everdeen. But attached to her are the threads of both Gale and Peeta, both of whom are vying for her affection in their own way, each seeming to say, “I could be the one to set you free.”

Flux Pavilion: “I Still Can’t Stop”

Even after winning, she still can’t stop. Flux’s original might be a bit worn these days, but this version drops some quiet (if unsettling) moments in between the hard edges. Maybe this is for that moment of terror at The Reaping. Or maybe this is for those first few minutes in the Arena. Either way, there is no better song to power Katniss and Peeta’s adrenaline during their second round of training and the initial fighting spree.

Adrian Lux feat. Lune: “Fire”

So much goes down in the jungle and so much of it is brutal. Throughout all three books and “Catching Fire” in particular, Katniss does battle with herself as much as she does with the world around her. The refrain of “please let your heart breathe in,” is one she would do well to keep in mind amid the chaos of the Arena.

David Guetta feat. Sia: “Titanium” (Cazzette remix)

You know the song, perhaps too well. But wipe that “Pitch Perfect” shower scene from your brain and let Cazzette’s powerful overhaul of this modern classic jolt you awake as you think you hear someone say those fateful words, “There is no District 12.”