CODE First Play: Jamie Jones, 'Cookie Monster'

Jamie Jones

Before Hot Natured was a band, it was a party. And before Jamie Jones was a part of the house music revival, he ran with a wild set of techno minimalists. His new single, “Cookie Monster,” taken from the forthcoming “Planets, Spaceships” EP, recalls the best of minimal’s late ‘00s peak while still being current and fresh. Listen to the world premiere of “Cookie Monster” here as this week’s CODE First Play:

According to Jones, the tune was his most played this past summer during his residency at DC10 in Ibiza.

“It was the track that sounded the best unmastered so I played it almost every week, even starting my sets with it,” Jones explains. “It's really stripped back, with a heavy bass, and some 808 toms pitched up and played around with; very simple but that always works for me."

Simplicity is a hallmark of Jones’ work. Even with Hot Natured, there’s nary an extra track on a given production, let alone an unwarranted flourish or fill. Minimal 1.0 may have been a bit too dark and bare to sustain itself, but if Jones is heralding a new, less austere version of the subgenre with this track and the “Planets, Spaceships” EP, it could introduce a whole new fanbase to the joys of techno.

Still, the wholly un-pop structure of a track like “Cookie Monster” pits it in stark contrast to today’s big room EDM, leaving many to question if today’s young dance music fans listen? They should, and here’s hoping they will.

“Planets, Spaceships” is Jones’s first solo release on his own Hot Creations label since 2010’s “Ruckus” EP. It drops on vinyl and digital markets November 18.