Mat Zo Makes a Playlist of Music That Moves Him

Mat Zo

Mat Zo drops his debut album, “Damage Control,” today (Nov. 5) on Astralwerks. We asked him to share with us the key tracks that have inspired his new album as well as his DJ career thus far. Check out his Top 10 (plus one) for a tour through dance music history – from Chemical Brothers to Burial (with a little Radiohead on the side).

Daft Punk's “One More Time”

"I was about 8 when I first heard this on TV and I was hooked instantly. It felt futuristic and nostalgic at the same time. But most of all, it was just incredibly catchy. Daft Punk are the masters – my teachers.'

Chemical Brothers' “Sunshine Underground”

"I think everybody that loves music and lived through the ‘90s must appreciate the Chemical Brothers on some level. I definitely did. This was one of their more psychedelic, wall-of-sound-type productions and was taken from their album 'Surrender.' It's so hard to pick a favorite Chemical Brothers tune but if I had to this would be it."

DJ Falcon's “Honeymoon”

I think everyone knows how much I love the classic French house sound and it's something that comes through in 'Only For You' on 'Damage Control.' Roule was a label that represented it better than any other.

Burial's “Archangel”

I almost picked one of the early two-step classics to represent my love of UK garage, but in the end settled on this Burial track from the second wave of the sound. It's a bit more dark and ethereal than the garage moments on “Damage Control” but the sense of depth and atmosphere that Burial's tracks always have is definitely something I admire and aim for.

Pryda's “Aftermath”

"Eric Prydz has written so many of my favorite dance tracks and always manages to make club music in an interesting and usually melodic way, which isn't easy. This is my all-time favorite from him and something that I've played so many times – often in mash-up form."

Quasimoto's “The Unseen”

"My favorite hip-hop album of all-time and there's definitely a lot to choose from. Spent many teenage and student evenings listening to this one."

Sasha's “X Pander”

"This classic from Sasha is a bit of a progressive trance masterpiece. I included it in my "Essential Mix" earlier this year."

Radiohead's “Kid A”

"It's still a bit of a dream of mine to work with Thom Yorke one day. This album was another really influential LP during my early days."

Pendulum's “The Masochist”

"I used to make drum & bass for Hospital Records under the name MRSA and have some productions coming under my own name for them, including a collaboration with High Contrast. This was the first drum & bass track that I really fell in love with. It's so hard, nasty and hard-hitting, but like all Pendulum (or Knife party) stuff it's also so incredibly well-produced."

Junior Jack's “E Samba”

"A feel good funky house classic."

Art of Trance's “Madagascar”

"Another all-time trance classic that is over 15 years old but still finds its way into my sets to this day."