Daleri, 'Hysteria': First Watch


Earlier this year, Swedish duo Daleri turned the world of EDM on its ear in 60 seconds with their DJ-parody video “Epic Mashleg.” The clip spoofed some of the classic dance music clichés (notably the hyper-overuse of the same tracks by a certain bracket of mainstage/big room DJs) while providing a surprisingly solid beat of its own.

Now, Robert Kanat and Eric Kvanström have returned with an equally comedic promo, this time skewering the many tired tropes of EDM music videos – from old people exercising to swimming in champagne. This time, however, the antics in the video are second to the song itself. Watch the world premiere exclusively here:

“We like to have an opinion on what we see, perceive and experience,” Kanat explains. “The ‘Hysteria’ video is somewhere between an homage to our favorite videos, and a nod to the content typically in music videos. You can take what you want out of it.”

Some of the widespread attention the “Mashleg” brought them came from DJs like Tiësto and Sebastian Ingrosso – DJs in the very category the track was designed to poke fun at – both of whom expressed their enjoyment of the production.

“It’s very important to clarify that we didn't want to make fun of individual producers,” claims Kvanström. “It was more about making a satire of today’s musical trend and we thought this was a funny way to do it. Most of them understood that we made it for fun.”

“The ‘Epic Mashleg’ gave us more attention than what we expected,” Kanat adds.

With the release of “Hysteria,” Daleri seeks to capitalize on that attention while they continue to work on new material in the studio as well as develop their own label, Dalerious.

“Who said it's a negative thing [to bring] humor to the EDM scene?” Kanat asks. “Our goal has always been to separate ourselves from the mainstream, and that's what we going to continue to do.”

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