Happy Krewelloween: Krewella’s Halloween Playlist

Krewella pose during the 'Live For The Night' music video shoot in Los Angeles, California.
Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

The Chicago trio curates a creepy, dark, grimy, spooky set of tunes that will get you in the Halloween mood.

If you didn’t wake up early (or stay up late) to see Krewella make EDM history on "Good Morning America" this morning (and hear Robin Roberts introduce the “electronics dance musics” group before they jolted the world with a performance of “Live For The Night”), fear not, there’s still time to get your Halloween Krew fix. Yasmine, Jahan and Rain Man share their picks for tunes (including one of their own) that set the mood on the night of costumes, candy and craziness..

Gesaffelstein: "A Lost Era"

"Much like all of Gesaff's other tracks this song has his typical creepy, dark techno vibe. Perfect for keeping the atmosphere spooky during Halloween time."

Figure: "Mission of Destruction"

"Besides being a banging track off of Figure's new “Destruction Series” EP, when we think of Halloween we think of going hard with our grimiest tunes, and this one is nothing short of that."

Bro Safari and Space Laces: "Fang Banger"

"Besides the fact that there are creepy vampire movie samples, this song is the perfect Halloween 'banger' to make you dance, going from breakbeats to four-on-the-floor to half-time."

Dog Blood: "Shred or Die"

"Another hard and grimey track for your darkest Halloween hours, where you just want to rage. Take a shot of fireball and throw on your fake blood and jam this track."

Krewella: "Dancing with the Devil"

"Quite literally, on Halloween some of you will be dancing with the devil. This track has all the dark and moody Halloween vibes going for it."