Nile Rodgers Gets ‘All Clear’ On Cancer

Nile Rodgers has another reason to be partying right now. The disco legend has been given the all-clear after battling prostate cancer.

The Chic co-founder shared the good news via his Twitter account. He admits, however, that he won’t be leaping with joy just yet. He’ll go through further tests in six months from now.

The 60-year-old guitarist and producer has documented his battle with cancer via his blog.

The disease hasn’t slowed him down. Rodgers collaborated on Daft Punk’s giant hit “Get Lucky,” and has recently recorded with David Guetta, and teamed with Avicii and Adam Lambert on the new track, "ID (Lay Me Down)".

Earlier this year, Rodgers was appointed a founding ambassador to the Association For Electronic Music. And at the International Music Summit (IMS) in Ibiza, he recorded and donated the event’s “Anthem” for charity (the track was remixed by Eats Everything).

In an interview published by the U.K.’s Official Charts Company, Rodgers explained that his work on Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories” helped him overcome his illness. Rodgers received an award from the OCC to celebrate the success of “Get Lucky,” which is recognized as the best-selling single in the U.K. this year.

“I think this particular experience rates very high, because two years ago I was stricken with cancer just right out of the clear blue sky. I had no indication it was coming on, I was what is called asymptomatic and when they found it, it was diagnosed as incredibly aggressive,” he said. “So I went from having no symptoms to ‘you can die any moment and you have to take this very seriously’. It just didn't make any sense, it was so completely insane. And from that moment I decided I was going to work as much as I could, play as many concerts, do as many records, because that's what I live for. I said to myself, if I had a reason to get up the next day, hopefully I'll get up the next day because I just love to do my job.”

He added, “Maybe this could feel more special than any other Number 1 record simply because of that. I was facing life and death issues and then to get something so rewarding as a Number 1 record is pretty amazing.”

Rodgers also confirmed a “lost Chic album” had been discovered, and would get a release. He's currently on tour in Europe.