CODER Picks of the Week: D-Wayne, Funkineven, London Grammar and More


Each Friday, the CODE crew reviews their favorite dance tracks of the week. Listen to the cuts below, and see what Zel, Jacob and Elissa have to say.

D-Wayne: Ammo (WALL Recordings)

Afrojack's list of protégés already includes well-known names like Quintino and R3hab. But there's a new Dutchman waiting in the wings now: D-Wayne. He recently remixed his sensei’s single “As Your Friend,” but his newest production “Ammo” on Afrojack's own Wall Recordings has my head bobbing and feet tapping.

The electro-tinged banger is reminiscent of old-school Afrojack productions, though with a bleep-ified melody and an unabashedly large drop. It's a grungy, hard-hitting production. The accompanying video brazenly features lots of guns, munitions, and dramatic black-and-white vignettes. Sure, it sounds a little like it could have been produced by Afrojack himself. It's also unique enough to stay in your head long after the track ends. –Jacob

Funkineven "Mars" 

Earlier this week UK house talent Funkineven unveiled a forthcoming release by uploading a few tracks from the “Species” EP as teasers. Although there's no word yet about when or how the record will be properly released through digital channels, I'm already yearning for “Mars.” It's minimal, but upbeat; sparse, splashes of chords flash and wiggle between sparse, crunchy drum blasts and a short vocal sample. –Elissa

London Grammar: “Wasting My Young Years (Henrik Schwarz Remix)”

Henrik Schwarz has been DJing for about as long as the members of London Grammar have been alive. The UK trio’s tune – which could be hashtagged #millenialproblems – gets a respectfully ahistoric rerub here that accounts for some of London Grammar’s disco and house influences without patronizing to the point of being mired in them. The piano line that echoes the chorus is like a wink to the listener who might otherwise be zoning out to the track’s steady crescendo. Nothing is wasted here – years, beats, or soaring sopranos. –Zel