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12th Planet Talks SMOG, Goldie, and a New Collaboration with Mayhem: Exclusive

The Supermaniak
12th Planet at Ultra Music Festival in Miami

Producer and label head tells CODE about his new collaboration with Mayhem and his reaction to Goldie’s SMOG kudos.

12th Planet (John Dadzie) is a man of many talents. He began his electronic music career in the drum and bass world by starting record label Imperial Recordings, and later producing and DJ’ing under the moniker “Infiltrata.” He later changed his moniker to “12th Planet”, in reference to the Zecharia Stichin book by the same name, and founded SMOG with fellow LA dubstep pals Danny Johnson and Drew Best.

SMOG, launched in 2006 as a promotion company in LA, was created to throw dubstep shows in the nascent LA dubstep scene. The scene quickly developed and SMOG added “record label” to the company operations, releasing music from 12th Planet and artists including DLX, Flinch, SPL, and more. Drum and bass don Goldie was recently quoted (in a CODE interview) saying “I think that SMOG did for L.A. and the West Coast what Metalheadz did for London and England in general,” which 12th responded to CODE saying, “It’s a testament to where we stand in the community, and it’s one of the most awesome statements ever. Goldie’s the man! I almost cried when I saw that.”

12th Planet, like many of his dubstep cohorts, uses SMOG to release his own music, plus the music of up-and-coming artists he admires, saying “I play a lot of their music in my sets, so it’s natural for me to want to put it out. It’s all part of the progression of me as an artist.” When asked about how he juggles running SMOG with developing his own career, he credited his manager Danny United (Johnson) and Drew (Best) with running the day-to-day of SMOG, while affording him the “creative freedom to release the songs that I want to release.”

As for what’s next? 12th Planet exclusively told CODE that he’s teamed up with Mayhem, a fellow drum and bass and dubstep producer, on a new single called "Murdaaa."  The two, who have been friends for over a decade and originally met via AIM and IRC chats, have previously worked together as drum and bass artists on tracks like “Avalanche” and more, but they have never collaborated as dubstep artists.

“The first song features Penny, who sings on the Skrillex track ‘All I Ask of You,’ and she’s on a couple M Machine tracks,” Planet says. “She’s really awesome. One side is me, Mayhem and Penny on vocals, and the other side is a traditional trap flip. The hook says ‘murdaaa’ over and over.” "Murdaaa" is tentatively scheduled for release in four to six weeks.

12th credits the exploding popularity of newer genres like trap to social media. “When dubstep started there was only one forum,” he says. “ That and Dogs on Acid ( Those were the only ways of getting information to the entire world. Now you have Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram constantly shoving information in your face.”

12th’s Ultra Weekend 2 set list

  1. "The End (TEIN pt 2)" - 12th Planet
  2. "VIP" - Untitled Skrillex & Robyn                               
  3. "What I Need" - Genetix                     
  4. "Bulletproof" ft. Eva Simons - Doctor P         
  5. "Ratchet" [ƱZ Remix] - 12th Planet 
  6. "Poltergeist" (Carnage Festival Trap Remix) - Zatox & Nikkita 
  7. "Dirty" remix - Dirtyphonics                          
  8. "Mercy" (Accent N Bootleg) - Kanye West                           
  9. "Murdaa" - 12th Planet & Mayhem                          
  10. "Untitled" - 12th Planet & Antiserum                                               
  11. "Corner Pocket" - 12th Planet               
  12. "Save The World" [Bare remix] - Swedish House Mafia                 
  13. "Brick Squad Anthem" - Antiserum & Mayhem
  14. "Burst" - 12th Planet / Kill The Noise / Skrillex                              
  15. "Slip & Slide" (12th Planet remix)                            
  16. "Techno Terry" Feat. Dismantle - Caspa                               
  17. "Incredible "(Heroes x Villains Remix) - Carnage & Borgore                                 
  18. "Carnage" Ft. New & Used - Signal!                                       
  19. "Boy Oh Boy" (Original Mix) - GTA & Diplo                          
  20. "Alvin Risk & Tittsworth" - Pendejas                         
  21. "Mistadobilina" Remix v4 - J.Rabbit                          
  22. "Together / Bird Machine" - DJ Snake     
  23. "Polkadots" [Bare Remix]  - Afrojack                                     
  24. "Right On Time" - Skrillex, 12th Planet & Kill The Noise    
  25. "Stomptown" - FuntCase                    
  26. "Getting" - Benga                                 
  27. "Atrium" (Designer Drugs remix) - Joachim Garruard                               
  28. "Suavemente "(Kennedy Jones Trap Remix) - Elvis Crespo                                  
  29. "Bass Salt" - 12th Planet & Antiserum          
  30. "Bless Di Nation" (GTA DubFiyah Remix) - Congorock ft. Sean Paul         
  31. "Needed Change" - Skrillex ft 12th Planet   
  32. "Spooky" - Spartan      
  33. "Cray Bolly Intro 22" - Skrillex                      
  34. "Lootin' '92" Revisited v3 - 12th Planet & SPL                                
  35. "Reasons" (Doctor P Remix) - 12th Planet