CODER Crew's Picks of the Week: Tiesto, Major Lazer and More

Jeff Fusco/Getty Images
Best Bets Tours 2013, Major Lazer

Each Friday, the CODE crew will review their favorite dance tracks of the week. Listen to the cuts below, and see what Kerri, Zel, Jacob, Lauren and Elissa have to say.

Martyn, “Bad Chicago” (Nonplus)

Picking a standout track from London label Nonplus's five-piece vinyl compilation “Think + Change” feels like Sophie's choice, but the sparkling, muted cool on "Chicago" makes the decision easier. Here, Dutch stalwart Martyn simmers bubbling, hooting synths over the flame of a compact, snappy rhythm. The result is a concoction as blithe and lovely as it is wired awake. -Elissa

Tiësto & Swanky Tunes feat. Ben McInerney, “Make Some Noise” (Dyro Remix) (Musical Freedom)

Tijs and McInerney (of Australian indie band New Navy) first released this track in April 2012, but it’s getting new life in the form of a remix pack released this week. My favorite of the three versions comes from Dutch up-and-comer Dyro, who preserves the catchy topline but adds a big jolt of energy. Gritty electro synths contrast the slow builds and strong percussion elements, creating a track that seems to be made for huge festival speakers. I have a feeling this song will get a nice amount of airplay at next month’s Miami Music Week, perhaps even when Tiësto himself takes over the decks at Ultra. -Jacob

Major Lazer feat. Busy Signal, Flexican & FS Green, “Watch Out For This (Bumaye)” (Mad Decent)

In the ‘90s we used to have the two-track rule: If you liked two singles off an album, it was worth taking the risk to buy it. “Watch Out” is the third killer single off Major Lazer’s oft-delayed sophomore LP “Free The Universe” (after tearjerker “Get Free” and dubsteppy festival tent special “Jah No Partial”), so my teenage self would definitely ante up. There’s something big and beautiful about the horn melody here that shuts off your brain and speaks to your hips. This one was made for sweat and sunshine. –Kerri

Ghost Loft, “Seconds” (Twice As Nice Remix)

The pitched-up vocal sample on “Seconds” should be annoying, but Ghost Loft (aka Danny Choi) knows how to mix. That sample becomes an almost incidental echo to Ghost’s own reverbed vocals, supplementing the fertile, post-chillwave soundscape. Fellow Angelenos Twice As Nice keep the sample but rework the rhythm of the original for a remix that swags a little more than it bounces, making it both haunting and surprisingly upbeat for a tune about second chances. –Zel

Tommy Trash, "Monkey See, Monkey Do” (Tommy Trash Re-Work) (mau5trap)

Call me critical, but I'm of the mind that if an artist is going to remix his or her own work, it better be damn good—and different enough from the original to merit its own release. Almost a year and a half after he released "Monkey See Monkey Do" on Chris Lake's Rising Music, Tommy Trash is rolling out a remix package for the song on mau5trap next week. The track was hardly a hit in its first life; its playful yet eerie synth melody was no match for TT's massive, career-making tunes "Future Folk" and "The End." However, with his rework of "Monkey See Monkey Do," Trash has created an out-and-out banger. The track's new drop sends his usual electro-house energy into overdrive. As big-room DJs seem to be searching for the next crowd-pleasing instrumental; the track that will replace Sandro Silva and Quintino's "Epic" in their peak-hour mixes, Tommy Trash's latest is a worthy contender. -Lauren