Arty, Chris James, 'Together We Are': Exclusive Video Preview


Arty's got a hit on his hands.

It’s become fashionable lately for EDM producers to prove their musical chops -- and the musicality of their work in general -- by posting acoustic versions of their latest lighter-hoister. Zedd did it for “Spectrum,” plinking the love anthem on the piano to the tune of over 600,000 views.

But the exclusive clip we have for you is different, partly because Arty’s “Together We Are” isn’t a hit yet. But it will be. Watch it below:

The 23-year-old Russian DJ and producer forged a songwriting partnership with Chris James, the fan who famously submitted a top vocal line via Ustream, and thus became the voice of deadmau5’s “The Veldt.” With his quirky sense of melody and husky yet friendly voice, James is a real find. He’s the kind of act that the mainstream music industry folks might hole up in Nashville or L.A., pumping out hits for big artists.

An emo-trance cut -- key line: “Together we are / Stronger” -- “Together” could be about a couple, a family, or the EDM community. Instead of just being the banger du jour, it has the power to create an emotional connection across a field of thousands. It could even be EDM’s most representative anthem to crossover.

James shows off his chatty warble with a few verse-choruses on the acoustic guitar, before we get a brief taste of the full-tilt electronic version. A two-minute Soundcloud preview has already racked up over 60,000 listens in just 10 days. It goes on sale at Beatport on Feb. 18th on Big Beat Records.

You can catch Arty in North America over the next three weeks, at the following venues:

Feb. 01 - Europe, St Louis, USA
Feb. 02 - Pacha, New York City, USA
Feb. 06 - Estate, Boston, USA
Feb. 07 - Roxy, Orlando, USA
Feb. 08 - Finale, New York City, USA
Feb. 09 - MID, Chicago, USA
Feb. 14 - Aura, Long Island, New York, USA
Feb. 15 - Epic, Minneapolis, USA
Feb. 16 - Exchange, Los Angeles, USA
Feb. 17 - Cowboys, Calgary, Canada
Feb. 19 - LAVO, Las Vegas, USA