The Resurrection of 'Rez': Bassnectar and Underworld Talk About Remixing a Classic



The story of how Bassnectar gave the Underworld classic a new life.


What do you think it is about “Rez” that makes even the original so timeless?

Firstly it has a joyous, celebratory sound that seems to impart positivity and good vibes whenever it's played. And secondly it doesn't sound like anything else. It didn't sound fashionable when we first released it, and it certainly wasn't made for any one scene or type of DJ like so much dance music has been over the years.  Someone once said it’s the sound of a techno ice cream van coming towards you. Who doesn't like that?

What were your thoughts upon first hearing the Bassnectar mix of “Rez”? We're always happy when someone wants to remix one of our old tracks especially if they are doing it because they love it. Lorin made it really clear the track was important in getting him involved in the dance scene so we knew he'd be coming at the remix from a good place.

Do you follow Bassnectar otherwise? What do you think of him and the American bass music scene he represents?

We've been aware of Bassnectar for some time as one of the big names on the American scene, and knew he was into dub as we are.  We couldn't say we have much knowledge of the bass music scene per se, but we've seen a few of the acts at festivals and DJs around the world. Some we like, some we don't .

As icons of festival culture, what do you think of the U.S.'s latest take on it? What’s happening in the U.S. must be pretty exciting to everyone involved. It's bigger than disco, so we're told, and like disco you've got the full spectrum of music, acts and DJs from Larry Levan and the Paradise Garage, to Bony M and “Saturday Night Fever.” To us it’s a continuation of something we've loved for many years: EDM, electronica, EBM, rave, whatever. Some of it's great and some of it's trash, but if it makes you move...

The 15th anniversary of “Trainspotting” just passed. Any reflections on 15 years of the "Born Slippy" breakthrough?

The 15th anniversary of “Trainspotting” doesn't really affect us the same way as it does some people. We were getting on at that point anyway! We realize it was significant for many people especially in the U.S. because around that time the whole electronica thing was breaking and loads of new people were getting turned on to the scene and the culture. We're really happy to have been part of that and hope we are fondly remembered, because we have only happy memories of gigs up mountains, and DJs like Liquid Todd and Jason Bentley and all the smiling faces who came to see us.